Avery H

I found Sweet Hair Peace through long nights stalking instragram. My hair and Makeup were the two things I was most worried about. (I've had terrible experiences in the past) I have naturally curly hair so everytime I would get it styled for an event the stylist would ALWAYS straighten it and then sometimes curl it and then I would want to crawl in a hole for the night. As I was stalking Samantha, I saw that she had done a woman with the same hair as me! I immediately emailed her and booked her. I had said that I wanted to leave my hair curly and she said, that's great! I was already relieved. A month or two I had my trial and it was the first time I met Sam in person. SHE IS AMAZING, more people need to be like her :) I sat in her chair told her exactly what I wanted and not even an hour later (on the first try) she did it! The stress was gone. Wedding day came and of course she was perfect. Little side story: I was sitting in the chair getting my hair done and all of the sudden I was bombarded. I almost had a panic attack but Samantha calmed me down, she basically doubled as a bridesmaid that day :) Anyways, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER. Not only for hair but because she's someone you would just want to have hanging around on your day. :) (my bridesmaids thought the same thing)